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Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology

Diagram of the human interactome showing physical (green edges) and genetic (white dots) interactions. Courtesy of Keiichiro Ono.This division supports the discovery, development and use of new biomedical research and computing technologies, especially those relevant to the study of complex biological systems.

This division focuses on questions like:

  • How do cells, human populations and other complicated biological systems behave under a variety of different conditions?
  • What tools do researchers need in order to organize, share or visualize biological data?
  • How can scientists adapt techniques and approaches from computational science, mathematics and engineering to accurately simulate, model and understand life processes?
  • What improvements in technology could help reveal the inner workings of healthy and diseased cells, tissues and organs?

The division also supports the Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study, which develops computational models to study how emerging infectious diseases might spread and be contained.

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