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Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry

Chemical structure of haouamine A. Courtesy of Paul Krawczuk, Scripps Research Institute.This division supports studies in pharmacology, physiology, biochemistry and chemistry that deepen understanding of biology. This includes research on trauma, burn injury, sepsis, wound healing and the effects of drugs and anesthesia on the body.

This division focuses on questions like:

  • What physiological changes occur immediately and over time when a person is critically ill or injured?
  • How do enzymes generate energy and facilitate myriad other chemical reactions in our bodies?
  • How do carbohydrate molecules influence the action of cells?
  • How can scientists harness molecules from nature to use as drugs?
  • How are medicines processed inside the body?

The division is also responsible for directing the Pharmacogenomics Research Network, a nationwide collaboration of scientists studying how genes affect the way different people respond to medicines.

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