Viral Voyages

Structural Biologist Mavis Agbandje-McKenna:

Understanding Viruses

Mavis Agbandje-McKenna
Closes in on Viruses



What is another name for carbohydrates?

Structural biologist Agbandje-McKenna

wants to solve the mysteries of how

viruses hop from one host to another.

Answer: Glycans

Carbohydrates: essential for many biological processes

Gripping Glycans

Visualizing Viruses

3-dimensional crystal structure showing surface of usually mild strain of minute virus of mice (MVMp)

Unraveling Viral Mysteries Step-By-Step

Solving Viral Mystery #1

Solving Viral Mystery #2

Poultry, People, and a Possible Pandemic

Glycobiology and Pandemics

Research Applications

In what ways might Agbandje-McKenna's research about how viruses infect cells be applied to help patients with cancer?