Poultry, People, and a Possible Pandemic

H5N1 and Two Scenarios

Long Description: H5N1 - 1. Largest and most lethal epidemic on record 1a. Migratory birds 1b. Spread virus 2. Infect domestic birds 2a. Lethal strain of bird flu 2b. Constantly changing genetically Humans who handle infected birds can get virus / What could happen if (two scenarios)... / Scenario One - 1. H5N1 is carried across continents by migratory birds 2. H5N1 mutates in more ways in response to different environments 3. ? / Scenario Two - 1. H5N1 mutates into a strain that "jumps" the species barrier 2. H5N1 mutates into a strain that spreads more easily between people 3. ?

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