Do-It-Yourself Biology

Synthetic Biologist Drew Endy: Programming Living Systems

Drew Endy Builds Genomes

Synthetic biologist Endy works with the nuts and bolts of living things.



Are all genomes identical?

Photo: L. Barry Hetherington

Answer: No

Each organism has its own genome

Models for Discovery

T7 bacteriophage

Uncovering Knowledge

The Parts

The Whole

56 genes

Genome of T7 bacteriophage

Building Knowledge

Investigate genes one-by-one

Build genome from scratch, then study how whole thing works

Advances in Synthetic Biology

What purpose do these DNA sites serve?

How did Endy and his coworkers overcome this challenge, and how have they shared this knowledge with other researchers?

What did Endy do to resolve this problem?

Adventures in Synthetic Biology

Image: Drew Endy, Isadora Deese, Chuck Wadey

On the Same Page

The iGEM Competition

Photo: Melissa Li

The Future Is Now

Synthetic bacteria can work as machines

World's first living photograph

Photo: Aaron Chevalier (UT Austin), Jeff Tabor (UCSF)

Research Applications

What are some of the ethical and social dilemmas regarding synthetic biology?