Mastering Stem Cells

Molecular Biologist Peggy Goodell:

Unveiling Stem Cell Genetics

Goodell Examines Stem Cells

Molecular biologist Goodell wants to improve health with stem cells

Stem cells


Can all stem cells make any kind of cell?

Answer: No

Adult stem cells are already specialized

Unlimited Potential

Image: Jeff Miller

Stem cell colony

Specialized Cells

Hematopoetic stem cells (HSC)

Addressing a Challenge

Background: Patients get bone marrow transplants (containing less than 1% HSC) to produce healthy blood cells. More HSC would make bone marrow transplants safer.

Problem: Bone marrow doesn't contain a dense concentration of HSC.

Challenge: Get HSC to make more of itself.

Mastering HSC Production

Image: Kuan Lin

Adult stem cells (HSC)

Student Researcher: Solving Pieces of the HSC Puzzle

David Weksberg

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Making Connections

Making Connections

Research Applications

What are some of the possible medical outcomes of stem cell research?