Social Studies

Physicist Stephen Eubank: Modeling Disease, Disaster, and Traffic

Stephen Eubank Studies Habits

Physicist Eubank builds models to predict the spread of disease.

Complex systems


Are humans part of a complex system?

Photo: John McCormick

Answer: Yes

Humans are part of a complex system known as a social network.

Even if you've never met him, your friend's teacher's husband is part of your social network.

Complexity Made Easy

Earth's Climate: a Complex System

What are the possible results of the interactions of these components, and are the results always the same? Why or why not?

Traffic: Another Complex System

Transportation Analysis System (TRANSIMS)

Tools and Tricks of Eubank's Trade

The MIDAS Touch

Models of Infectious Disease Study (MIDAS)

MIDAS: Chicago Outbreak

Photo: Stephen Eubank

Future Uses of Computer Modeling?

Photo: Stephen Eubank

Research Applications

How do simulation failures help researchers who study complex systems?