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Inside Life Science

This series brings you inside the science of health. Each story shows how basic biomedical research—from the history of a field to the people doing cutting-edge work today—lays the foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Through explorations of how the body works and highlights from recent studies, you’ll discover even more on what scientists have found and are finding about fundamental life processes. NIGMS supported all of the featured research.

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Mitochondria from the heart muscle cell of a rat. Credit: Thomas Deerinck, National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research.

Mighty Mitochondria

Meet mitochondria: cellular compartments that are best known as the powerhouses that convert energy from the food we eat into energy that runs a range of biological processes. Read article

Microtubule. Credit: Eva Nogales lab, University of California, Berkeley.

The Microtubule: A Multitasking Cellular Worker

Meet microtubules, cellular employees that work many important jobs, and watch how they work. Read article

Doctors with a severely ill patient. Credit: Stock image.

Improving the Odds of Surviving Sepsis

Sepsis is an overwhelming immune response to infection that can lead to organ failure. Recent research focuses on detecting it early, treating it quickly and reducing its later effects. Read article

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