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Inside Life Science

This series brings you inside the science of health. Each story shows how basic biomedical research—from the history of a field to the people doing cutting-edge work today—lays the foundation for advances in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Through explorations of how the body works and highlights from recent studies, you’ll discover even more on what scientists have found and are finding about fundamental life processes. NIGMS supported all of the featured research.

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Bubonic plague bacteria on part of the digestive system in a rat flea.

The Fireworks Inside Us All

Here are just a few glimpses into cells captured by scientists in the course of their NIH-funded research. Read article

Antibiotic-resistant strain of Staphlyococcus aureus bacteria.

On the Trail of Drug-Defying Superbugs

Some of the bacteria that cause infections in humans have become resistant to the antibiotics we use to combat them. Here are a few examples of research that could aid efforts to curb the emergence of antibiotic resistance. Read article

Artist's rendition of a network diagram. Credit: Allison Kudla, Institute for Systems Biology.

Knowing Networks

Networks-both real and virtual-are everywhere. Systems biologists study living networks to learn how the individual parts work together to make a functioning whole and what happens when these complex, dynamic systems go awry. Read article

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