Whatsa Matter University (WMU) is a major research institution offering both undergraduate and graduate programs. WMU enrolls close to 15,000 students. Its student profile is 15% Hispanic, 13% African American, 10% Hawaiian and/or Samoan, 20% Asian American, 40% Caucasian non-Hispanic, and 2% foreign students with visas. The university student body includes 1% students with disabilities, 65% female and 35% males. The academic departments in science include the traditional science departments (biology, chemistry and physics) and social behavioral sciences (psychology, and anthropology) as well as a school of engineering, a law school, a school of medicine, and a school of public health. The faculty in these areas are funded by several government agencies and foundations such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), Kellogg, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). The institution’s portfolio of student development programs includes: STEP, Louis Strokes Alliance for Minority Participation, IGERT and GK12 Programs from the NSF, undergraduate and graduate HHMI programs, a Bridges to the Doctorate Program, an IMSD Program from MORE/NIGMS, and five T32 Research Training grants from NIGMS.