Case Study I

Whowahr U (WU) is a moderate sized liberal arts college with a student population that is 85% underrepresented minority (43% African American, 40% Hispanic, 2% Native American, 10% Asian and 5% Caucasian). WU enrolls 1100 students that express an interest in the sciences, (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Computer Science). The number of BA degrees awarded by the combined departments has averaged 95 per year for the past five years. On average, 2 alumni per year graduate with a PhD from prestigious universities around the country. Under a new Dean of Science, who is the PI of the application, the college plans to improve its reputation as a scholarly institution. Faculty will be judged on their scholarly productivity as well as their teaching. The faculty are interested in research but their current teaching workload limits their time for research. The Dean would like the college to become more selective, have a better graduation rate, and send more students on to post graduate training. WU proposes to use the MARC U*STAR program to motivate student interest and preparation for research careers. Having a MARC program will provide financial support that will help the college recruit stronger students.