Group Discussion of Case Study I


  • Using MARC as financial support to help institution recruit 'better' students/ Dean wants to recruit 'better' students for improved graduation rates (instead of focusing on improvement for existing students)

  • No institutional impact/improvement demonstrated

  • What's called "Objectives" is not - really activities

  • Some Objectives are not Measurable

  • No evidence of administrative support

  • Tone is institution-centered instead of student-centered (addressing needs of institute instead of students)

  • Faculty teaching load limits time for research/research training although proposed academic year/intramural research for students

  • Low proposed outcomes, only 33% to go on to PhD programs - questionable.  Is this an improvement over baseline.  Not clear.

  • No goal stated/Abstract is not logical, no overall BIG PICTURE

  • No data on quality of student pool

  • Numbers listed in abstract are not informative (no base line, from X to Y in Z amount of time not stated)

  • Giving past PhD track record at institution, the number of 12 MARC slots seems too high

  • Increase graduation rates of current students not the focus

  • No mentioned of the required summer research training experience