Program Evaluation: A Pseudo-Case Study

Juliana M. Blome, Ph.D., MPH

Juliana M. Blome, Ph.D., MPH
Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation
National Institute of General Medical Sciences
MORE Program Directors Meeting
Colorado Springs, Colorado
June 12, 2009

Index of Slides

  1. We're Looking For...
  2. But We Often Get...
  3. An Evaluation Plan Should Include
  4. Program Description
  5. Purpose & Rationale of Evaluation
  6. Evaluation Design
  7. Study Questions
  8. Examples
  9. Institutional Impact Questions
  10. Target Population
  11. Key Variables
  12. Comceptual Framework
  13. Model of a Training Program
  14. Conceptual Framework: Why Should We Use One?
  15. Data Collection and Analysis
  16. Typical Data Collection Strategies
  17. Typical Data Collection Strategies (cont.)
  18. Project Management: Who Participates?
  19. Budget Estimate
  20. Products of Evaluation
  21. The Evaluation Design Matrix: A Tool for Discussion
  22. Why Do We Ask for Program Evaluation?...Because We're Accountable