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Investing in Discovery

An Overview of the National Institute of General Medical Sciences

Investing in Discovery Cover

Investing in Discovery describes the NIGMS mission and research areas, as well as its commitment to training future scientists and strengthening public understanding and appreciation of science.

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The Dance of Life
Introduction to the NIGMS mission. » more
Division of Biomedical Technology, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology
Supports the development and use of new biomedical research and computing technologies, especially those for studying complex biological systems. » more
Division of Cell Biology and Biophysics
Supports studies of the structure and function of cells and the molecules within them. This work helps scientists understand cellular activity in health and disease. » more
Division of Genetics and Developmental Biology
Focuses on the structure and function of genetic material, including its role in development, inherited traits, behavior and disease susceptibility. » more
Division of Pharmacology, Physiology, and Biological Chemistry
Supports pharmacology and pharmacogenomics, biochemistry and chemistry, and clinical areas like physical trauma, burn injury, sepsis, wound healing and anesthesiology. » more
Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity
Trains future scientists and fosters a strong, more diverse biomedical and behavioral research workforce. » more
Center for Research Capacity Building
Supports research, research training, faculty development and research infrastructure improvements in states that historically have not received significant levels of research funding from NIH. » more
Office of Emergency Care Research
Coordinates and fosters research and training in the emergency setting. » more
Free Science Education Materials
As part of its efforts to strengthen public understanding and appreciation of science, NIGMS publishes free science education materials in several formats online. » more
Nobel Prizes
NIGMS has a strong track record of funding research that is honored with a Nobel Prize. To date, NIGMS has funded the Nobel Prize-winning work of 83 scientists. » more
Photo Credits
Where the images in this publication come from and what they show. » more
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