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Center for Research Capacity Building

Institutional Development Award-supported students Linda Gates, Giorgeo Grant, Dhritiman Samanta and Amy Wilcosky. Courtesy of University of Southern Mississippi

This center supports programs aimed at increasing the research capabilities of institutions and the research competitiveness of faculty in states that historically have not received significant levels of research funding from NIH. It also supports similar programs at institutions that have a historical mission focused on serving students from underrepresented groups. It funds:

  • Undergraduate research experiences and student development.
  • Junior faculty research development and mentoring.
  • Basic, clinical and translational biomedical research, including on conditions that disproportionately affect medically underserved populations.
  • The formation of collaborative research and training networks.
  • The enhancement of biomedical research infrastructure and of access to shared research resources.

More information about this center is available at Center for Research Capacity Building.

This page last reviewed on November 4, 2015