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Cells Quiz - Graduate Level Answers

Question 1 : Which of the following are true statements about SPITZing?

Answer B. It is the signal for glial cells to survive.
C. It is a nerve cell’s release of a chemical messenger.
D. It might offer a clue about diseases resulting from premature death of cells.

Question 2 : Stem cells come in two varieties.

Answer A. True

Question 3 : Name the enzyme that can extend a cell’s life, by subverting the "normal" aging process in which telomeres shorten with each division of a cell?

Answer D. Telomerase

Question 4 : Place these events in the order of their occurrence.

Answer A. Discovery of the light microscope
B. Identification of large organelles, such as the nucleus, Golgi, and mitochondria
C. Discovery of the electron microscope
D. Discovery of dyes called quantum dots

Question 5 : Download QuickTime movie and match the human organelles with their descriptions.

A. Vesicles 1. Long, curved strands of blue, green, and purple (backwards J-shaped "rivers" in the center)
B. Golgi compartments 2. Orange dots concentrated in the upper left
C. Mitochondria 3. Dark green blobs
D. Ribosomes 4. Tiny, white balloons and larger blue spheres
Answer A-4, B-1, C-3, D-2

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