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Supermodels of Science Quiz Answers

C. elegans

Question: A scientist used GFP to identify specific cells in developing C. elegans in order to make a map of cells in which organ?

Answer: A. The scientist used GFP to make a map of cells in the brain, allowing him to understand how animal brains are organized.

Fruit fly

Question: Scientists raise fruit flies in the laboratory to study how their genes affect which of the following?

Answer: E. All of the above are studied by scientists who raise fruit flies in the laboratory.


Question: Laboratory mice are the most commonly used animal in research. Mice are great model organisms because...

Answer: D. Both A and B


Question: The yeast called S. cerevisiae is used in which of the following?

Answer: D. All of the above use the yeast called S. cerevisiae.


Question: Because zebrafish are see-through, they are especially good for studies of:

Answer: A. Some scientists use zebrafish to study bone and other organ development.

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