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Excerpts from an Internship
Posted April 2007

Ryan Harrison spent his first summer off from college in New York City, where he did a 10-week internship at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

Instead of working in a computer lab, he worked in a "wet lab," complete with live organisms, chemicals and petri dishes. He studied how a particular protein affects the life cycle of the parasite that causes malaria.

Harrison wrote about his summer experience in his blog, "Verdant Force: Discoveries in Life and Proteomics."

Thursday 8:37pm
"I've been in New York City for almost a month now. Settling in well to my new lab environment and even forgetting that I'm in NYC occasionally. . . . Wish I could work a little more independently, but I understand that I just don't have the proper laboratory background/experience to handle my own independent project. I guess I was expecting a Gray lab type arrangement—where I work at my own pace at a problem I selected and I am the only one responsible for the outcome (good or bad). . . . Whatever I decide to do, I think it will combine computational with "wet lab" work. Since I haven't the slightest idea how my life is going to unfold, I am just going to do what I enjoy."

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