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Computing Careers

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You've learned a lot about how computing power gives us new perspectives on biology. At the center of it all is a component more advanced than any silicon chip inside a computer processor. It's the human brain. Biologists, engineers, physicists, computer scientists, epidemiologists, geneticists and even writers and artists have brought their brainpower to the table to solve these old and new problems.

Web Exclusives

Jasmine Johnson and Gabriel VelaMeet Jasmine Johnson and Gabe Vela | 2/13/14
Teenagers Jasmine Johnson and Gabriel Vela talk about their research experience at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, as well as their future goals.

Mary (Molly) CarnesUsing Computers to Combat Unconscious Bias | 11/18/10
An interactive, avatar-based computer program may help academic faculty recognize and reduce their unconscious biases, ultimately increasing diversity in the sciences.

Stents are tiny mesh tubes made from metal alloys that hold blood vessels open after they've been clogged with disease-causing plaque.Math from the Heart | 8/23/10
Computer models are aiding the design of stents, tiny mesh tubes that hold open clogged blood vessels.

Ryan HarrisonWhat Ever Happened to Ryan Harrison? | 5/6/10
When we last reported, Ryan Harrison had just started college. Find out what this biomedical engineering major is doing now.

This example of a biomedical ontology defines and illustrates the development and anatomy of zebrafish. Screenshot from The National Center for Biomedical Ontology, Zebrafish anatomy and development, ZFIN administrators/OBO Foundry.What Is an Ontology? | 8/10/09
Computer scientists are building virtual libraries called ontologies that organize biological knowledge using a universal language.

Jilliene MitchellWriting Life | 2/27/08
Meet the writers of Computing Life and find out how their journalism careers merge interests in science and writing.

QuizCrossword Puzzle: Solve the Clues of Computing Life | Accessible Version
Test your knowledge of computational biology! Find clues to this puzzle in articles throughout the print issue.

QuizQuiz: Computers in Science | Accessible Version
Think you got what it takes to compute life? Take this quiz!

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