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We offer free publications geared to high school and college students on topics including cell biology, genetics, chemistry, structural biology, computational biology and pharmacology. We encourage you to consider the environment and use our materials in their electronic forms. If you require printed versions, you may order a copy of certain publications.

Note: You can view material in PDF (as well as E-PUB) format on most e-reader devices.

Science Education Booklets

The Chemistry of Health cover The Chemistry of Health
E-PUB | HTML | PDF | Companion poster
Describes basic chemistry and biochemistry research that spurs a better understanding of human health. Visit ChemHealthWeb for research highlights, chemist profiles, videos and other Web extras.

Computing Life cover Computing Life
Showcases the exciting ways that scientists are using the power of computers to expand our knowledge of biology and medicine. Visit Computing Life online for new articles, interviews, multimedia and other Web exclusives.

Findings cover Findings Magazine
HTML | Companion poster | Multimedia
Showcases diverse scientists who do cutting-edge research and lead interesting lives. Each issue also contains brief research highlights, a puzzle or other activity and online extras.

Inside the Cell cover Inside the Cell
E-PUB | HTML | PDF | Companion poster
Makes cell biology come alive through vivid descriptions and stunning images.

Medicines By Design cover Medicines By Design
Discusses the many different ways medicines work in the body and how this information guides the hunt for drugs of the future.

The New Genetics cover The New Genetics
E-PUB | HTML | PDF | Companion Poster
Explains the role of genes in health and disease, the basics of DNA and its molecular cousin RNA and new directions in genetic research.

The Structures of Life cover The Structures of Life
Reveals how structural biology provides insight into health and disease and is useful in developing new medications.


Fact Sheets

National Institute of General Medical Sciences logo About NIGMS
General information about NIGMS and some of the research and training it supports.

A mix of alpha helices (red) and beta sheets (blue) make up this protein. Credit: RCSB Protein Data Bank About Science and Health
Information about areas of basic biomedical science supported by NIGMS.


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