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Spotlight on Science


A World Without Pain

An interactive virtual reality environment called "Snow World" reduces the pain experienced by burn patients.

Demystifying General Anesthetics

Find out why anesthetics have been challenging to study and what scientists are learning about them.

There’s an “Ome” for That

Rapid advances in technology and computational tools are allowing researchers to categorize many aspects of the biological world.

Lighting Up the Promise of Gene Therapy for Glaucoma

Stitched together from numerous high-resolution images, this image of a mouse retina was taken while developing gene therapy for glaucoma.

NIGMS Is on Instagram!

NIGMS is now on Instagram (@NIGMS_NIH Exit icon), beaming all the gorgeous science images you can’t get enough of straight to your mobile devices.


Cool Tools: High-Resolution Microscopy—In Living Color

New cellular imaging techniques are allowing scientists to visualize cellular structures and functions in detail never before possible.

Spotlight on Videos: Scientists in Action

Janet Iwasa, molecular animator, and Laura Kiessling, carbohydrate scientist discuss their work in video interviews.

Spotlight on the Cell: The Extracellular Matrix, a Multitasking Marvel

The gelatinous material found within and between cells is an active component of all our tissues which guides cell shape, orientation and function.

This page last reviewed on September 7, 2017