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Findings magazine showcases diverse scientists who do cutting-edge research and lead interesting lives. Each issue also contains brief research highlights, a puzzle or other activity, and online extras.

Fall 2017

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Enrique De La Cruz. Courtesy: Jeff Foley, American Heart Association Enrique De La Cruz, Molecular Biophysicist
Protein Paradox
Enrique De La Cruz studies how a chain of molecules strong enough to support a cell can break so easily—and uses props to help others understand what he’s learned.

Rebecca Heald. Courtesy: Credit: Mark Hanson Rebecca Heald, Cell biologist
The Science of Size
Rebecca Heald studies the factors that determine an animal’s size.

Fall 2014

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Alfred Atanda Jr. Courtesy: Cynthia Brodoway, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children Alfred Atanda Jr., Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon
Game Changer
Alfred Atanda's research on the causes of elbow injuries in young baseball pitchers could help prevent these athletes from sustaining injury.

September 2013

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Emily Scott. Courtesy: Chuck France, University of Kansas Emily Scott, Biochemist
Hooked on Heme
Emily Scott's research on a family of enzymes could lead to ways to treat prostate or breast cancers and prevent lung cancer in smokers.

September 2012

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Brad Duerstock. Courtesy: Andrew Hancock, Purdue University Brad Duerstock, Neuroscientist, Assistive Technology Designer
Opening Up the Lab
Brad Duerstock's work aims to make science more accessible to people with disabilities. A quadriplegic himself, he also studies spinal cord injury and repair.

January 2012

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Elizabeth Grice. Courtesy: Bill Branson, NIH Elizabeth Grice, Geneticist
Body Bacteria
Elizabeth Grice studies the bacteria that live on human skin. Her work could lead to new ways to treat chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers.

September 2011

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George Hightower George Hightower, M.D.-Ph.D. Graduate Student
HIV on the Brain
George Hightower searches for genetic mutations that affect HIV's ability to infect the brain.

Dr. Cara AltimusCara Altimus, Postdoctoral Researcher
A Light on Life's Rhythms
Cara Altimus studies how cells, proteins and genes control learning, memory and the body's internal clock.

January 2011

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Dr. Brian Bachmann Brian Bachmann, Biosynthetic Chemist
Drugs from Deep Down
Brian Bachmann searches for compounds in caves that could help with drug development.

Dr. Amy PalmerAmy Palmer, Biochemist
Mesmerized by Metals
Amy Palmer tracks metals in brain cells to find out about diseases.

September 2010

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Dr. Estela Arrese Estela Arrese, Biochemist
Fats and Flies
Estela Arrese studies fat storage and regulation in insects.

Dr. Kevin TraceyKevin Tracey, Neurosurgeon, Immunologist
For Janice
Kevin Tracey studies why our immune systems cause illness.

March 2010

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Dr. Gary ChurchillGary Churchill, Biostatistician
Mountains and Mouse Genes
Gary Churchill uses mouse genetics to study human disease.

Dr. Julie Johnson Julie Johnson, Chemical Pharmacist
The Right Fit
Julie Johnson studies genes in order to personalize prescription drugs.

September 2009

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Dr. Marc ZimmerMarc Zimmer, Biochemist
Green Light
Marc Zimmer studies glow in the dark proteins.

Dr. Lola Eniola-Adefeso Lola Eniola-Adefeso, Chemical Engineer
Special Delivery
Lola Eniola-Adefeso studies methods to improve heart disease drugs.

February 2009 - Special Evolution Theme Issue

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Dr. Sarah TishkoffSarah Tishkoff, Evolutionary Geneticist
Genetic Footprints
Srah Tishkoff studies evolution and its role in shaping human history and human health.

Dr. Joe Thornton Joe Thornton, Evolutionary Biologist
Past to Present
Joe Thornton studies the evolution of the endocrine system.

September 2008

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Dr. Erik SorensenErik Sorensen, Chemist
Mimicking Mother Nature
Erik Sorensen specializes in making natural products.

Dr. Cynthia McMurray Cynthia McMurray, Molecular Biologist
Living With Huntington's
Cynthia McMurray studies how Huntington's disease destroys cells.

March 2008

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Dr. Atul ButteAtul Butte, Doctor-Scientist
Dr. Data
Atul Butte uses computers to re-classify diseases.

Dr. Peggy Goodell Peggy Goodell, Researcher
Mastering Stem Cells
Peggy Goodell pursues the properties and uses of stem cells.

September 2007

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Dr. Luisa Ann DiPietroLuisa Ann DiPietro, Dentist-Immunologist
Healthy Healing
Luisa Ann DiPietro studies wound healing.

Dr. Stephen Eubank Stephen Eubank, Physicist
Social Studies
Stephen Eubank studies social networks.

March 2007

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Dr. Drew Endy Drew Endy, Synthetic Biologist
Do-It-Yourself Biology
Drew Endy blends engineering, biology, and computer programming to find out how life works.

Dr. Cynthia Otto Cynthia Otto, Veterinarian
Dogging Sepsis
Cynthia Otto studies sepsis, a dramatic, full-body reaction to an injury or illness.

September 2006

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Dr. Chiara CirelliChiara Cirelli, Neuroscientist
Recipe for Sleep
Chiara Cirelli studies the basic biology of sleep

Dr. Yuri Lazebnik Yuri Lazebnik, Cell Biologist
Hunting a Killer
Yuri Lazebnik studies cell fusion and cancer.

March 2006

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Dr. Neil KelleherNeil Kelleher, Chemical Biologist
The Humpty Dumpty Dilemma
Neil Kelleher uses "top-down" mass spectrometry to weigh proteins

Dr. Mavis Agbandje-McKenna Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Structural Biologist
Viral Voyages
Mavis Agbandje-McKenna studies how viruses infect cells.

September 2005

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Dr. Dyann Wirth Dyann Wirth, Geneticist
Science Without Borders
Dyann Wirth works with researchers throughout the world to study malaria.

Dr. David BakerDavid Baker, Computational Biologist
The Family Business
David Baker custom designs computer software to predict the three-dimensional shapes of proteins.

March 2005

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Dr. Andrés García Andrés García, Engineer
The Forces That Bind
Andrés García studies cell stickiness to create new biomaterials that can heal bones.

Dr. Hilary Godwin Hilary Godwin, Chemist
Getting the Lead Out
Hilary Godwin studies the chemistry of lead poisoning.

October 2004

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Dr. Bonnie Bassler Bonnie Bassler, Bacterial Geneticist
Bugging the Bugs
Bonnie Bassler studies how bacteria communicate with each other.

Dr. Ram Sasisekharan Ram Sasisekharan, Biological Engineer
Life Is Sweet
Ram Sasisekharan studies sugar molecules called carbohydrates.

February 2004

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Dr. Gene Robinson Gene Robinson, Entomologist
A Sting of Love
Gene Robinson studies honeybee behavior.

Dr. Serrine Lau Serrine Lau, Toxicologist
Chemical World
Serrine Lau studies the role of genes in the body's response to chemical exposure.

September 2003

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Dr. Maggie Werner-Washburne Maggie Werner-Washburne, Biologist
A Perfect Mix
Maggie Werner-Washburne bridges biology and mathematics in her quest to track the activity of thousands of genes at the same time in living cells.

Dr. Daniel Sessler Daniel Sessler, Anesthesiologist
Asking Good Questions
Daniel Sessler's fundamental questions about the way the body controls its temperature have led to major health improvements for surgery patients.

February 2003

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Dr. Brad Goodner Brad Goodner, Biologist
Planting Seeds
Brad Goodner's college students help him study the genetic secrets of bacteria that can infect both plants and humans.

Dr. Dorothee Kern Dorothee Kern, Biophysicist, Former Professional Basketball Player
Enzymes, Magnets, Action!
Dorothee Kern studies enzymes using NMR spectroscopy.

September 2002

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Dr. Baldomero Olivera Baldomero Olivera, Biochemist
Secrets of the Killer Snails
Baldomero Olivera studies how the venom of marine cone snails may be used to treat pain.

Dr. Elaine Bearer Elaine Bearer, Pathologist
Cells in Motion
Elaine Bearer is fascinated by how cells in the body move around and change their shape.

March 2002

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Dr. Terry Gaasterland Terry Gaasterland, Expert on Artificial Intelligence
Taking a Byte Out of Biology
Terry Gaasterland is getting computers to learn how to read the language hidden in our DNA.

Dr. Hobart Harris Hobart Harris, Physician-scientist
A Chance Discovery
Hobart Harris is trying to solve the molecular mysteries behind a deadly body-wide infection called sepsis.

September 2001

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Dr. Geoffrey Chang Geoffrey Chang, Biophysicist
Crystals for a Cure
Geoffrey Chang's electron density maps reveal not only the atomic skeleton of a protein but also a work of beauty and perfection.

Dr. Angelika Amon Angelika Amon, Molecular Biologist
A Great Divide
Angelika Amon's basic research into how cells grow and divide is making important inroads toward understanding the problem of birth defects.

February 2001

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Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, Biologist
The Worm Returns
Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado uses glow-in-the-dark fluorescent labels to study cells in flatworms.

Dr. Laura Kiessling Laura Kiessling, Chemist
Sticky Situations
Laura Kiessling's tailor-made molecules are shedding light on cell "stickiness" and possible treatments for inflammation and other illnesses.

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