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Inside the Cell


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Animations, Movies and Interactives

An Interactive Tour of the Cell Link to external Website

Vesicular Shuttle Model Animation

Cisternae Maturation Model Animation

Golgi Movie I*
Slices of a insulin-secreting cell viewed in series create a virtual journey through a microscopic world of organelles.

Golgi Movie II*
This movie through a insulin-secreting cell gives a sense of the three-dimensional shapes of Golgi compartments.

Golgi Movie III*
Golgi compartments appear close-up in this movie.

Golgi Movie IV**
This movie conveys how packed cells are. The chunk of a insulin-secreting cell shown here is crammed with Golgi compartments (long, multi-colored curves in center), endoplasmic reticulum (yellow structures), ribosomes (tiny orange dots), microtubules (thin green strands), mitochondria (green globs), and various kinds of vesicles (small white spheres, larger blue spheres, and irregularly shaped structures in red and purple).

* Golgi movies I - III are courtesy of Brad J. Marsh at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Australia.
** Golgi movie IV is courtesy of Kathryn E. Howell of the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Student Stuff

Images and movies from students who use Inside the Cell.

Fluorescently labeled cells and dividing bacteria External Website
BioBus students from Frederick Douglas Academy III, Bronx, New York

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Crossword Puzzle

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