Sample Table 1. Bridges to Baccalaureate Active Undergraduate Biomedical Science-Related Academic Programs

  Title Program 1 Title Program 2 Title Program 3

Start and End Project Dates




Funding Source




Number of Participants




Target Participant Eligibility




Program Disciplines Included





Indicate the title of each undergraduate student development/research training program in biomedical sciences-related disciplines that is relevant to preparing and graduating students. Provide the requested information for all the institutions in the partnership.

Indicate start and end dates of award.

Indicate funding sources including state, federal or private agencies (give specific name such as NIH, NSF etc.).

Indicate whether the program is aimed for first, second, third, and/or fourth year students.

List the biomedical sciences-related disciplines included in the listed program (such as biology, chemistry, physics, math, computer science, engineering, psychology etc.).