Sample Format Table 2. Current Status of Bridges Students

For non-competing continuation annual progress reports

(Applications with more than one previous funding cycle must provide information on the past two consecutive funding cycles)

Reporting Period:

Bridges Student Participants (List by Number)
(institution & years of participation in the program)

Highest Degree, Institution, and Year degree earned

Current Academic Plans or Status

Valley State University

Ph.D. in molecular biology, Excellent University, 2009

Post-doc in cancer biology at XYZ Corporation

Grand Mountain University

Ph.D.. in microbiology, Excellent University, 2008

Employed as a faculty member at Valley State University

Champion State University

M.S. in chemistry, Champion State University, 2009

Transferred to Ph.D. program in chemistry at Outstanding State University

Valley State University

Not Applicable

Currently in the Bridges program

Grand Mountain University

Dropped out of the program


Instructions: Indicate the reporting period (see instructions above), and provide the requested information. List each student anonymously and only once.