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Science Education: Science Careers

NIGMS grantee Susan Wente (left) and student Kristen Noble. Photo by Dana Thomas for Vanderbilt Medical Art Group.Answering important questions, making new discoveries, being creative, working with interesting colleagues, helping people stay healthy—that's a career in basic biomedical research. Are you wondering:

  • What's it like to be a scientist?
  • How do you become a researcher?
  • What kind of programs and financial support are available for people who want to be trained in basic biomedical research or further develop their scientific careers?

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Cover image of FindingsFindings
Showcases the vibrant and diverse scientists who do cutting-edge research and lead interesting lives.

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Classroom Poster

Find Out PosterFindings Poster
Find out what it's like to be a scientist and what scientists are discovering.

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Fact Sheets

Diversity ProgramsDiversity Programs
Get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Profiles: Meet a Scientist

Brad DuerstockScientist Gallery
Read about the diverse scientists featured in Findings magazine and in the Biomedical Beat blog.

Molly CarnesComputing Careers
Meet scientists who are using math and computation to uncover new details about diseases, drug treatments and even crimes.

Brian BachmannMeet a Chemist
Find out how people became chemists and what they're working on.

Diversity Program Alumni Updates
Meet NIGMS diversity programs alumni.

Audio and Video

Jon LorschDr. Jon Lorsch on Scientific Public Service Link to external Website
NIGMS Director Jon Lorsch discusses his career path from academia to scientific administration and provides an overview of the Institute's mission.

Jasmine Johnson and Gabriel VelaJasmine Johnson & Gabriel Vela on Their Experience as High School Researchers at The Jackson Laboratory
Two teenagers talk about their research experience and future goals.

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