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The Chemistry of Health cover The Chemistry of Health

The Chemistry of Health poster The Chemistry of Health Poster
Companion poster for the educational booklet The Chemistry of Health and online resource ChemHealthWeb. These resources explain how chemistry and chemistry research advances our health.

Computing Life cover Computing Life

Findings Fall 2017 cover Findings
Findings magazine showcases diverse scientists who do cutting-edge research and lead interesting lives.


Also see the Computing Life Web exclusives.

Findings Fall 2017 cover Findings

Find Out poster Findings Poster - Find Out
Showcases a magazine describing what it's like to be a scientist, what scientists are finding, and what other activities scientists do. Provides subscription information for free copies of the magazine, including class sets for educators.

Also see Biomedical Beat profiles.

Inside the Cell cover Inside the Cell
Print version no longer available

Cell Poster Inside the Cell Companion Poster - Seeing Cells
Shows a variety of beautiful cell images and provides some basic facts about the cell.

The New Genetics cover The New Genetics

Living Laboratories poster The New Genetics Companion Poster – Living Laboratories
Shows how simple, easy-to-breed organisms are a very important part of medical research.

The Structures of Life cover The Structures of Life
Print version no longer available

Inside the Cell cover Inside the Cell
Makes cell biology come alive through vivid descriptions and stunning images.

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