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The Future of Discovery

What is Success?

The NIGMS Vision for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training

Key Themes and Specific Actions

Looking Forward

Listening to Stakeholders


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Investing in the Future: National Institute of General Medical Sciences Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training 2011

Looking Forward

Research institutions, government agencies and professional organizations share the responsibility for assuring that the nation’s pool of trainees can meet the needs presented by modern society. Aligning goals and outcomes is paramount to the entire research enterprise’s ability to ensure excellent training for the next generation of biomedical and behavioral researchers.

In launching the development of the NIGMS Strategic Plan for Biomedical and Behavioral Research Training, the Institute’s aim was to identify actions to assure that NIGMS-sponsored research training remains high-quality, yet nimble enough to respond to change. There is every reason to believe that such change will continue, and thus efforts at this juncture will need to be continually revisited over time.

As it develops implementation plans that support the concepts presented in this strategic plan, the Institute is committed to transparency and a continued dialogue with stakeholders to explore the most effective and efficient methods for achieving the plan’s intent.

This page last reviewed on May 20, 2011